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Reception Building
Why SimRacers?
A bit of insight about the origins of this site.
Licensing Offices
Information about league licenses. driver # and username changes.
SimRacers Team Rosters
A list of SimRacers teams and who is currently on them.
SimRacers School of Racing
A few rules to live by to get along in the SimRacers community.
New to SimRacers? Introduce yourself / ask questions here!
Team Requests
A place to place your request to either be on a team or if a Team Owner is looking for a driver.
Racing School
Focused on driver's technique, apexing, breaking, traffic driving and event instances such as caution flags, formation laps and pit windows.
Mechanic School
Focused on Setup creation and other methods of tuning a car to a specific track for the purposes of endurance racing and qualifying.
License Requests
Where you request your License tag on the website to be changed to it's accurate level.
SimRacers: Forza Monday night Series Championships
Season 49 - Mullet Cup
Mullet Cup Ford Cobra '93 vs Chevy Camaro IROC-Z '90
Season 50 - V8 Supercars
A SimR favorite returns for our historic 50th season!
SimRacers: Off Night Series and Events
FM 6 Saturday Night
SimRacers expands to Saturday Night on Forza 6
Forza Horizon 3
SimRacers expands to Wednesday Night on Forza Horizon 3
SimRacers General Auditorium
SimRacers News and Racing Discussion
Place to find out about any news at SimRacers, and to discuss real-world racing, other sim racing games, etc.
SimRacers Career Stats
A place to view the stats of current and former SimR drivers.
Technical Discussions
Discuss technical aspects of sim racing such as car setups, driving technique, tracks, etc.
Other Discussions
I don't know why you would want to waste time talking about anything other than racing, but if you do you can discuss it here.
The Bathroom Wall
Tired of playing fair and keeping it clean? This is the no-holds barred, smack-talk, keep-the-women-and-children-away forum where you can post as you please - check your ego at the door! Note that you must ask the admin for access to this forum.
Game Reviews
License Holders of the SimRacers league chime in on their favorite and most hated games!
Project C.A.R.S.
Project CARS is a community funded racing video game in development by Slightly Mad Studios.
SimRacers Publications
Competitor Press Releases
This is the place for the latest Press Releases from the SimRacers Team Owners, Tech Group, Racing Teams, and Drivers.
League Promotionals
An official gallery of video publications showcasing League events, articles and media of all kinds released by the SimRacers Production Team.
League Event Media
Public access for license holders of all kinds to post their videos and media of specific races/events.
Event Replays
Every week a replay of Monday night's event will be posted to the Storefront for public download.
Event Vinyls
Official League vinyls for use in the livery requirements of each Season will be posted on a regular basis.
SimRacers Paintjobs
Generic Paintjobs for use by license holders who do not have time to develop their own livery are available here, as well as League themed paintjobs for sale!
League Tuning
Recommended car tunes for Series events as well as all-purpose tunes for endurance and league style racing post regularly.
Private Team Garages
Team Sahlen Racing
Team Sahlen's Team Forum
Ikon Tuning Works
Ikon Tuning Works Team Forum
Team WE3 Racing
Team forum for WE3 Racing to discuss private team matters.
Independent Racers
Continuation of IR as managed by IR TwistedDream
Velocity Racing
Private team garage for Echovelocity's 'Velocity Racing'
Silvercrest Racing
Private Garage for Morbid's Team
SimRacers Design Labs
SimRacers TOG Board Room
- Team Owners Group - the 'SimRacers Board of Directors' - Where community, licensing, and league decisions are made.
SimRacers Technical Lab
- The Technical Group - is responsible for creating the Technical Regulations in use for SimRacers championships, as well as vehicle builds and tunes.
SimRacers Season Proposition Forum
Where you can post your ideas on seasons for SimRacers.
Abused Racing
Abused Racing Team Forum
Season 48 - AWD Mini
Sign ups are open
Poor Boy Racing
IR Urabus Private Team garage
Season 47 - 3.0 CSL Championship
Vintage racing is back with BMW's famous "Batmobile" - Season Complete!
Demon Tweaks Racing
Private team garage for Stoner's team
Indy Racing
V8 Supercars on Indy oval
Season 46 - Manufacturer's Multi-Class Showdown
Aston-Martin, BMW and Chevrolet bring their best to compete in R Class and A Class Manufacturer showdowns!
Season 45 - Renault Clio Cup
Two models of the famous Renualt Clio battle for supremacy in this exciting B Class FWD Tournament!
Season 44 - Chevrolet Supersport
Series is under way! Teams and Privateers face off in SPEC built Nascar Chevrolet Super Sports on a series of challenging courses.
Season 43 - Cornucopia Cup
A new car and track every week challenges the field!
Season 42 ; Touring cars
Touring Cars (FM 6) Audi - BMW - M Benz - Honda - Toyota
Abused Racing
Team forum for Privateer Team Abused Racing
Season 41 ; GT Cars
#92 BMW vs #91 Viper vs #4 Corvette
Season 40 ; 1998 Toyota Supra
Spec series
Season 39 ; V-8 Supercars
Holden vs Ford
Season 38 ; FM 5
Vintage muscle cars
Season 37: Forza Motorsports 5
F1 ; Ferrari VS McLaren clash
Flash Point Racing
Ajax's racing team
SDR Racing
SDR Racing Team Forum
Independant Racers (Jokerstyle)
A private garage for Privateer Team IR
2013 Porsche Cup
Porsche enthusiasts reconvene on the Nordschleife battlefield to settle an old score!
Season 36: Forza Motorsports 5
Japanese Sports Car Showdown , Toyota vs Subaru (GT86 vs BRZ) Saturday nights
Twitch Steam Playtest Pickup Match - Freedom to Battle Event
A One-Off pickup race Hosted by EchoVelovity and SimRacers to playtest the effect Twitch Streaming has on Event connection and lag this weekend!
High Octane Racing
Lazytrip's Private Team garage.
Season 35: Forza Motorsports 4
Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) on Monday nights!
Season 34 : S2000 SPEC Racing
10,000 RPM Spec built Honda S2000's, all ready for battle on the track.
Season 33: AWD Battle Royal
Subaru | Mitsubishi | Nissan - The Battle is taking shape as three champion Manufacturers contend for the SimRacers AWD Battle Royal Championship
Season 32: SPEC Cornucopia Cup
12 weeks of SPEC racing explode from the SimRacers TOG as each team sponsors it's own event! A new car and track every week!
100 Miles of Road Atlanta
An epic single race featuring a wide variety of GT race cars and honoring a historic track event! Coming this April! Hosted by Morbid
Season 31: FWD HTCC
Front Wheel Drive Hatchbacks face off in a grueling A Class Tournament!
GTR3 Saturday Night Fever
R3 Class GT Race Cars face off for a 90 minute endurance extravaganza once a Month on Saturday Night!
F4H Luminox
Garage for this Privateer Team F4H
F1 Racing
The top form of motorsports.
The Allan Simonsen 2.4 hours of LeMans Memorial Race
The SimRacers community forms up to honor the fallen at LeMans with a 2.4 hour single endurance event!
Nascar Championship Series
Stock Car Racing at its best.
Weekend Sprint Showdown
A "lemons" open event As Hosted by DJProfessor!
Season 30: All American Multi-Class
Classic American manufacturers clash in iconic muscle cars and sports cars in two separate classes on the track at the same time!
Season 29: V8 Supercars 2012
SimRacers returns to the famous Australian Touring Car championship in 2012 for a screaming, edge of your seat racing experience!
Season 28: SimRacers Miata Shootout
Teams and Privateers employed 4 MX-5 Miatas on a series of challenging short tracks for a spectacular battle on the racing line!
Season 27: Vintage Touring Car Series
With a top speed of 135mph, but Grip like a tram on rails. Which of these small sports cars will reign supreme. Will you have the courage to take these cars to their limit?
Season 26: Multi-Class Series
Four 80's Cars Facing off, Four 90's Super-cars Facing off. On the track at the same time, will it be chaos or organized fury. Overtaking and blocking opportunities at every corner. Only one team will reign supreme. Make your Strategies and prepare for the Largest Season yet.
End of the World 4hr GT500 Endurance
GT500 cars battle for survival amid Armageddon in the longest single SimRacers Endurance event to date! Hosted by UnraisedPenny
Season 25: BMW M3 E46 Spec Series
Season 25 is a spec-build series with the BMW M3 E46. The first event is the first week of November (Nov. 7th). I know this is the series we've all been waiting for, so let's not disappoint.
Season 24: Open A Class RWD
This is the final season for SimRacers on FM3. With a whole new take on our racing league, who will adapt and conquer the field when the car rules are minimal?
Rising Sun Racing
UNR DrFujimi's Private Team garage
Season 23: Cycle Production Cup
It's driver v. driver action when tuning and upgrades are pushed aside. Who will win? Let's find out.
Apex Vision Racing
Apex Vision Racing Team Forum
Season 1T: Stock Car Oval Series
Bitter Man's Thursday night "speed" league. Season 1 on Forza 4 will be with Tuned Stock Cars.
Season 21
Aston vs BMW vs Camaro vs Jag which will come out on top ?
Season 26.5: Thursday Night LeMons Series
A Endurance style racing series with Cheap cars. Banger racing at it's finest.
All Wadded Up Racing
Lucianslegacy's Private team garage
Boss Motorsports
Boss Motorsports Team Forum
Season 17 - SimRacers GT2 Series
Six different manufacturers, only one victor, who will reign victorious?
Gran Turismo Series
Gran Turismo Series Racing
Rolex Series
Rolex Series racing Hosted by Echo Velocity and SimR Boo
Season 16 - Camaro vs Mustang
Modern Day Muscle hits the track. Who will become the victor?
Season 15.75 - Japanese 90's Sports Challenge
Our Thursday night event as hosted by SimR Bitterman!
Yardie Express Racing
Yardie Express Racing Team Forum
Season 15.5 - Stockcar Oval Challenge
Our Thursday night series as hosted by SimR Bitterman! This is a STOCK CAR event for Forza 3.
Season 15 - 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 SPEC Exhibition!
The debut Forza Motorsports 3 League SPEC Series is underway!
Hurricane Motorsports Inc.
GeeVee's Private Team Garage
Season 13 - Skirmish Cup
Mercedes, Cadillac and Lexus squared off for a skirmish to determine which manufacturer is the king! Lexus won!
Lacsooar Racing
Private Team Garage for SCSRT8's Team
Season 12 - 2009 Porsche Cup
Every year Simracers hosts the end-all be-all of Porsche competition. 2009 was a blast!
Season 11 - Japan Showdown Series
Nissan vs Mazda vs Toyota! Relive this great series here.
Season 10 - D thru R Series
Starting with D class, preselected car choices are run each week through to R class. Spec series with no tuning or upgrades!
Season 9 - A Class Open
Season 9 sees drivers able to choose between over 100 different cars in a very open technical specification for A850 cars with <550hp.
Season 8 - Shelby Series 1 SPEC
Season 8 is now complete - relive the highlights and forum activity here
Monday Night Series Results Archive
Driver Career Stats, as well as Season Race and Championship results, are archived here.
Single Event Results Archive
The results and forums for all Single Event races are here.
Team Archives
A place to see what teams Have raced in SimRacers. Also to save their history, if they decide to return